The "Pioneers Challenge" innovation camp, organized by Fraunhofer for the first time in 2019, focused on developing innovative concepts for Lusatia in early September. The camp's theme was "Living Change - Biological Transformation of a Post-Mining Landscape." Over the course of one week, three interdisciplinary teams consisting of designers, artists, architects, and scientists from the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft worked at the location of the floating autartec® house, developed by the Fraunhofer IVI on the Bergheider See. Their goal was to create innovative solutions and ideas for the positive development of the region.

Syncreate is a value creation concept with the objective of instilling the Lausitz region with a new, self-confident identity as a creative and productive hub. The aim is to positively shape the post-mining landscape, leveraging the quiet remote location to facilitate focused and productive work in a fresh, natural environment. To achieve this goal, a concept was devised for a newly created, innovative campus dedicated to fostering interdisciplinary and collaborative work in the realms of business and industry.



Kerstin Dächert, Sofia Gerstlacher, Jessica Haustein, Claudia Nass, Constantin Kärgling